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Code Date Title
zyne 2019-03-01 Interest Rates
zyne 2019-01-30 Portfolio Management
zyne 2019-01-24 Timing
zyne 2019-01-23 Drawdown
zyne 2019-01-23 Correct usage of Leverage in Advanced Portfolio Management
zyne 2019-01-07 Products - Value Database
zyne 2018-12-24 Logical thinking vs Emotional thinking
zyne 2018-12-19 Learn or Produce
zyne 2018-12-12 Calls and Puts - Its usage in investing
zyne 2018-11-27 Three Pillars of Health
zyne 2018-11-26 Helping something or working at a job that helps people provides cumulative happiness while the opposite provides anxiety
zyne 2018-11-14 Trial and Error
zyne 2018-11-09 Risk Units as a method to contain Risk
zyne 2018-11-08 Circle of Life
zyne 2018-11-02 What type of vegetables and fruits can be eaten to boost Immune System immediately
zyne 2018-11-01 Position Sizing for Long term & Short term Investments on equity markets
zyne 2018-10-05 Difference between Investing in fundamentally bad company vs good company
zyne 2018-08-30 Strategy - Standard
zyne 2018-08-28 Strategy - Retirement
zyne 2018-08-28 Strategy - YOLO
zyne 2018-07-23 The Philippines is building a green, disaster-resilient city
msft 2018-07-20 Microsoft's cloud bet pushes annual sales over $100 billion
zyne 2018-08-08 Zyne - Benefits of Analysis
sftby 2018-07-13 Tiger Global reportedly pours more than $1B into SoftBank, saying its shares are “undervalued”
zyne 2018-07-09 Ethereum Founder: "Dislikes centralized exchanges so much"
HNNMY 2018-07-06 Why fast-fashion brands like H&M are losing millennial customers in Malaysia and Singapore
zyne 2018-07-06 Blame superstar tech-firms for slow wage growth - OECD
600600 2018-07-03 Tsingdao Brewery 2018 Q1 Review, Profits up 15% Revenue Up 3%
zyne 2018-07-02 LeBron James to join Lakers for $154 million over 4 years
HNNMY 2018-08-01 H&M needs to offload $4 billion in unsold clothes
zyne 2018-06-29 Zyne - Privacy Policy
zyne 2018-06-29 Zyne - Refund Policy
zyne 2018-06-29 Zyne - About Us
zyne 2018-06-27 Zyne - Mission statement
zyne 2018-06-26 Meituan, the Tencent-backed ‘one-stop super app,’ files for IPO in Hong Kong
dis 2018-06-21 Fox Accepts $71 Billion Disney Bid, Dealing Blow to Comcast
amzn 2018-06-18 Amazon is quietly becoming a major player in the advertising business.
bbry 2018-06-14 BlackBerry QNX Technology Now Embedded in 120 Million Vehicles on the Road Today
tm 2018-06-14 Toyota makes record $1 billion investment in ride-hailing firm Grab
zyne 2018-05-28 U.S. Websites Go Dark in Europe as GDPR Data Rules Kick In
zyne 2018-05-23 N.Y. judge sides with parents and rules their 30-year-old-son must move out
zyne 2018-05-21 To stay competitive, US call centers are training workers to be super agents
sbux 2018-05-21 Starbucks is opening its bathrooms to everyone
zyne 2018-05-15 Humanoid robot runs through the park by itself
WMT 2018-05-10 Walmart Agrees to Buy 77% Stake in Flipkart for $16 Billion
TSLA 2018-05-04 Tesla’s Elon Musk Turns Q1 2018 Conference Call Into Sparring Session
irbt 2018-04-30 competes with iRobot
s 2018-04-30 T-Mobile and Sprint are coming together to form a $146 billion new company to take on Verizon and AT&T
s 2018-04-30 T-Mobile and Sprint are coming together to form a $146 billion new company to take on Verizon and AT&T
zyne 2018-04-26 Smartphone sales suffer biggest decline ever
HMNY 2018-04-23 Verizon issues details on MoviePass stake
HMNY 2018-04-23 Helios increases stake in MoviePass to 92%.
hud 2018-04-23 Hudson Group CEO: Our retail business is 'completely insulated' from e-commerce
bili 2018-04-23 First Look At Bilibili's $483 Million IPO a Japanese animation comic video site
zyne 2018-04-18 China to End 50/50 Local owned Foreign Venture Rule for Foreign Auto Makers
zyne 2018-04-16 Hong Kong Plows $1.2 Billion Into Defending Currency to Little Effect in Q2-2018
BYDDY 2018-04-16 BYD warns profit to plunge on electric car subsidy cuts
zyne 2018-04-16 Xiaomi pushes for assembly in India
baba 2018-04-14 General Atlantic, Silver Lake to Invest in Jack Ma’s Ant Financial
Zyne 2018-04-13 NYC Townhouse Listed for $30 Million—or $45 Million in Bitcoin
avgo 2018-04-13 Broadcom Board Approves $12 Billion Stock Buyback Plan
zyne 2018-04-11 London, Shanghai Stock Exchanges to Get a Trading Link
GE 2018-04-08 Proxy adviser ISS recommends against GE keeping auditor KPMG
sftby 2018-04-06 SoftBank Borrows $8 Billion Backed by Alibaba Holding
baba 2018-04-04 Alibaba to buy remaining shares in
SPOT 2018-04-04 Spotify valued at nearly $30 billion in unusual Wall street debut
INTC 2018-04-03 Intel brings a six-core i9 CPU to laptops
AAPL 2018-04-03 Instagram is the latest to drop its Apple Watch app
f 2018-04-01 Lincoln adds more pre-owned vehicles to its subscription service pilot
ORCL 2018-03-28 Google loses Android battle and could owe Oracle billions of dollars
TsLA 2018-03-28 Shanghai govt. says Tesla local plant talks on track
FB 2018-03-26 Zuckerberg apologizes for Facebook’s data privacy scandal in full-page newspaper ads
zyne 2018-03-26 Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says bitcoin will eventually be the single global currency
zyne 2018-03-26 China launches crude oil futures in Shanghai
zyne 2016-05-10 god, country, team , self
ZYNE 2016-05-05 howto: risk free position sizing
zyne 2016-04-06 relations with inanimate objects
zyne 2016-03-24 difference between business and relations
01880 2016-03-21 belle , largest shoe inc in china, pictures
zyne 2016-03-14 luck on top of skill
zyne 2016-04-12 society and perfection
zyne 2016-03-12 stressful value
sbux 2016-03-06 starbucks pictures in shenzhen, China
zyne 2016-02-27 act first think last
zyne 2016-02-25 value should not move
zyne 2016-02-24 Freedom requires training and structure
zyne 2016-02-22 optimum place for fun is near hell.
ITMN 2015-12-18 title
00090 2015-11-28 lkjhnyuioop
cbs 2015-11-27 Another sample report by Carty