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Fundamental Value Database 2.0

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Filter, Search & Sort through our stock equity database to find the perfect investments. Fundamental Value is the primary building block of creating return. Our Database allows you to search & sort through over 5000+ symbols on the exchanges of NYSE,NASDAQ, and OTCBB. 


The cycle of investing works like this:


Features of Value Database:

  1. 5000+ stocks on the nyse, nasdaq and OTCBB
  2. 15+ Columns to sort stocks including
  • Value per Share
  • % from 5 year High
  • Value per Share after -Debt
  • % From 50 Moving Average
  • $% From 200 Moving Average
  • Cash %
  • and much much more..
  • New columns are added at request every few weeks!

      3. Currency converted to USD for all balance sheets

      4. % from Value Per Share to find undervalued stocks

All accounts include Portfolio Timing:

Fund Accounts that use our Value Database:

View our Leaderboard Accounts, which primarily use this database to increase analysis and returns on accounts.


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