optimum place for fun is near hell.

Accuracy score :

The optimum area for fun is is not too extreme and 2 levels below neutral. If we were to graph this area, it would look like this:
If your intentions are further below, the mind wreaks havoc on itself, If we stayed in optimum level, this is the safest area while being most entertaining.

Numerical terms:  There would be 10 levels in life , 5 levels of positive (highest level = heaven), 5 levels of negative under the neutral line (lowest =  hell). The Optimum area is 1 or 2 levels below neutral, The futher low you go , the more unstable and wild it becomes.

Day terms: Counting 7 days, you should maintain most of the days at optimum level,  a day at 1 or 2 levels below Optimum. Any more you are asking for trouble.

% terms:  15% of 100% should be negative.

Risks of heaven:     Everybody loves heaven, the money, power, status. Being so high up in level, it always crumbles down unless its stacked below with a mountain of people or steel. The fall from Heaven usually constitutes of dropping below optimum level with similar force, If you are lucky,  drop to Neutral.  Unlucky?  4 Levels below neutral, Hell.

Risks of hell:  A entertaining place to be but a horrible place to stay, all the trappings and addictions one can ever want. Run by just to feel the hotness, but never want to stay here.

Optimal line: This is the line where you induce the fun without the trappings. You can't fall anywhere because of no downward force. You want to stay within these lines to keep safe. If you wander around other places it should only be temporary. Absolute control and routine is necessary to maintain.