Circle of Life

The three pillars to keep your brain and body happy.
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Sleep (9 hours of sleep) ->  Stress (weightlifting or Running) -> Nutrition (vegetables, protein , and vitamins) are all required for a peace of mind and healthy body. 




1 Sleep (9 hours of sleep) allows the body to repair tissues, grow muscles, and energize hormones. 

2. Weightlifting or Running stress allows our body to release stress, grow muscles and energize hormones mainly Testosterone. 

3. Nutrition provides the raw materials to repair and grow our body. 



A 24 hour day can be broken down to 8 hours each, 8 hours for sleep , 8 hours for gathering food,  and 8 hours of relaxing & Socializing.  Due to the modern economy and stationary effects of office work, Physical Stress has been missing in our routine which is usually provided in gathering and hunting of food. 

Physical and mental wellbeing are both equally important in health, Physical Stress such as weightlifting or running provides an outlet for both. 

Nutrition is important in providing both physical and mental wellbeing. Not eating food makes you not only cranky but starving. 

Sleep also solves both physical and mental problems, your body needs to repair, relax, and grow while your mind needs to take a break from thinking. 

All 3 activities in the Circle of Life balances both mental and physical wellbeing. 

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