What type of vegetables and fruits can be eaten to boost Immune System immediately

Yogurt, Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes , Almond, Avocado , Spinach , Cabbage, Green beans, Celery , Corn , Kale, Lettuce , Carrots, Turnip , Peas. Bell Peppers , Cucumbers , Eggplant, Tomatoes, Watermelon , Pumpkin , Cauliflower, Any type of beans (red beans, Lima beans, black eyed peas), Okra, Garlic , Onion , Lotus root, Potatoes, Bamboo, Cassava , Ginger, Yam. Are some examples of foods that can be eaten to boost Immune System immediately.
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All of these food items can be eaten immediately to boost the immune system, we have also included images to inspire your preparation of each item! We hope you enjoy the list.


1. Yogurt - plain yogurt for immediate energy, 1.5 cups are fulfilling and suitable for people who have an intolerance toward Milk.

2. Broccoli - Stir-fried or boiled with sauce is a good meal.

3. Sweet Potatoes - Baked or mashed with some cinnamon. Very healthy for the body.

4. Almond - usually eaten raw or roasted, no salt. Good for trips and fast protein.

5. Avocado - can be cut and placed in a sandwich or made into avocado dip which requires a bit of prep. Creamy and rich.

6. Spinach - can be stir-fried with garlic or creamed spinach with cream. Popeye depends on this dish to get strong.

7. Cabbage - something that can be bought cheaply, made into coleslaw or cooked with chicken soup. Not the tastiest vegetable but strong in vitamins.

8. Green beans-  Stir-fry with beef, a vegetable your parents made you eat at dinner time. Should be cooked well so it's less crunchy and edible.

9. Celery - raw sticks are good but wash it carefully.

10. Corn - steamed or boiled with butter, simple and sweet!

11.  Kale - Stir-fry with garlic, Greens are good.

12. Lettuce - 2 minutes boiled for fast digestion or a plate of green salad.

13. Carrots - raw or stew! Good Vitamin A.

14. Bell Peppers , green or red , sweet tasting after a bit of stir-fry

15. Eggplant - Casserole, not my favorite but has a lot of vitamins.

16. Tomatoes  - tomato sauce , raw grape tomatoes , sour flavor to spice up any dish with vitamins.

17. Watermelon - Cold on a summer day.

18. Beans, stewed beans great with rice.

19. Potatoes - boiled, baked, stewed , the King of vegetables,  Some say you can live for years on water and potatoes. Don't take our word for it.

20. Pumpkin - mashed and made into pie or stew! Delicious.