Tsingdao Brewery 2018 Q1 Review, Profits up 15% Revenue Up 3%

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MORE: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/brief-tsingtao-brewerys-q1-net-113331174.html MORE: http://static.sse.com.cn/disclosure/listedinfo/announcement/c/2018-04-27/600600_2018_1.pdf



Total revenue: 7,251,708,139 (2018) 7,039,943,927 (2017) CNY, Revenue has increased 3% 


2. Net Profit:  667,158,070 (2018) 579,311,983 (2017) CNY, Profit has increased 15.1% 


3. Stock price for 600600.SS (Tsingtao brewery)   


 Jul/3/2018: 43.70 Jan/1/2017: 31.16 (Increase of 40.2% ) 


4. Tsingtao is currently #1 or #2 beer brand in China.  Calculating on brand recognition or total sales. 


5. Current Tsingtao market capital is: (47B CNY) 7.1billion USD 


Analysis: There are multiple strong competitors in the China Beer Market, Heineken, Carlsberg, Akashi, Snow Beer. The stock increase in Tsingtao for 2018 is due to the extended rally of other wine & spirit companies such as Guizhou Moutai : 600519  which is currently priced at 680 RMB (2018/Jul) with a 862 billion CNY market cap. (130 billion USD)  


Conclusion: While Tsingtao is not heavily overpriced, under 33B CNY is a great buy for a great brand name. 

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