Ethereum Founder: "Dislikes centralized exchanges so much"

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Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin talked about a wide range of topics during an interview with Jon Evans at TechCrunch Sessions: Blockchain. He was surprisingly balanced and stated multiple times that everyone has different needs and it’s hard to live in a world where everything is centralized or decentralized. “Back in 2013, when GHash had 51 percent everybody freaked out. It’s happening a second time and people aren’t really talking about it this much,” Buterin said. And it’s true that if you look at Bitmain alone, the company is edging toward 51 percent of network hash rate. In addition to potential 51 percent attacks, it causes issues due to concentration. Buterin mentioned the Sichuan flood that are potentially affecting mining operations over there. So it’s clear that Buterin wants to make Ethereum as decentralized as possible by design. But what he wants and what the community wants might be different. Buterin is fine with that. “The Ethereum Foundation tries very hard to be a decentralized organization,” he said. “We try very hard not to have a very hard divide, such as you’re on the inside and you’re on the outside.” MORE:

Facts: Vitalik probably paid for his breakfast using USD, RBL or EUR. 


2. Centralized exchanges keep things in order especially with recovery of funds or loss of identity. Centralized currency also keeps things in order due to the expansion and contraction of money with leverage. 

Analysis: While ETH is interesting, the dislike of centralized currency or exchange is ridiculous! Order comes from centralization similar to how a central processing plant will streamline production for 20 franchise stores.  

Conclusion: Vitalik talking up his book. Asking a cow owner whether beef is good, He will talk down all other meats.