N.Y. judge sides with parents and rules their 30-year-old-son must move out

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 N.Y. judge sides with parents and rules their 30-year-old-son must move out,

A 30-year-old man didn't get the message that it was time to move out of his parents' home, even after they left him five notices and an offer of cash to help find new digs.

The New York family drama eventually rolled into the court system, where a judge on Tuesday ruled in the parent's favor and ordered Michael Rotondo to leave after having a room for eight years.

MORE: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/05/22/us/judge-rules-son-must-move-out-new-york-trnd/index.html

Facts: Renting or owning your home increases responsibilities,  18+ year olds are considered adults with responsbilities in the state of New York. All apartments and condos have yearly taxes and property maintence payments to pay every month.

Analysis: The parents seems very lenient and almost toying with their son with a formal eviction notice. The Son is also semi well versed in the NY state housing law but not very well versed in taking responsbility as a 30 years of age grown adult man. The Parents are actually concerned. Parents seems to be hoping for grandchildren and that dream is not realistic with their son not working or paying rent. $1100 is also the amount given to him by his mother which seems to be the average price of studio apartments in the greater new york area

Conclusion: Recommend a studio apartment to the son at $1100 rent. Kicking him out will actually improve their son's future. Job well done Parents.