act first think last

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Anything that requires you to initially think hard has flaws. simple flow thinking works.

reacting first

  1. events happen ,  think
  2. nothing happens, don't think.

acting first

  1. act ,events happen, think.
  2. act, nothing happens , xxSTOPxx

  • Thinking should optimally be last because every situation is different
  • Risks of thinking first:  dreaming , does not fit reality, excessive thinking  leading to insanity. 
  • Risks of thinking last:  slower then automatic.
  • rewards of acting first:  reality, speed of execution.
  • Risks of acting last:  snail pace execution or no execution,

By acting first you will be pacing yourself to not over think and subject yourself to reality,  A tic for tac pacing keeps you mentally balanced while increases your output.


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