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-2.7300 (as of 19/12/2022)

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Open 0.64 Dividend 9
Close Price 0.63 DivYield 0 %
High 0.67 Growth 0.0
Low 0.626 Growth% 0.00
P/e -2.566 Volume 269,638.0
P/b -2.45 Market Capital 25.9 M
Highest High Lowest Low
50 Days Moving Average 0.64 (as of 21/12/2022) 50 Days Moving Average Percentage -0.88126984126982 (as of 21/12/2022

Charts for balance Sheet:

Balance Sheet Table: last 5 years

Note: Numbers are estimated, Exact figures can be found in Annual Reports
Type Year1 / 2017 Year2 / 2018 Year3 / 2019 Year4 / 2020 Current Year / 2021
Revenue 0.0 86,000.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Cap Spending -115,356.0 -286,658.0 -129,390.0 -445,314.0 -47,570.0
Operating Expenses 32.8 M 40.4 M 34.3 M 52.0 M 36.7 M
Operating Cash Flow -32.8 M -40.3 M -34.3 M -52.0 M -36.7 M
Free Cash Flow -25.9 M -32.6 M -34.9 M -41.7 M -33.5 M
Free Cash Flow Per Share -2.01 -2.135 -1.589 -1.545 -0.853
Total liabilities 0.0 0.0 353,366.0 109,689.0 562,762.0
Total cash 62.5 M 59.7 M 70.0 M 59.1 M 67.8 M
ROE% -0.466 -0.754 -0.419 -0.768 -0.448
Outstanding Shares 13.5 M 21.0 M 23.5 M 41.2 M 42.4 M
P/E -4.461 -2.566 -2.731 -3.487 -2.457
P/S 1190.7
Revenue USD 0.0 86,000.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

Reports for ZYNE

Date Author Title Action
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2019-11-10 stanko Technical and fundamental analysis view
2019-10-18 jack Unchanged Risk Profile view
2019-10-16 jack zyne Model Income Cycle view
2019-10-10 jack U pattern stock buying strategy view
2019-04-20 dreamwalker Pinnacle of Financial Management view
2019-03-31 dreamwalker Capital Freedom view
2019-03-01 analyst Interest Rates view
2019-02-14 dreamwalker Leverage view
2019-02-01 saraA Why drinking water is important and what are recommended volumes? view
2019-02-01 saraA Why too much sugar is bad for your health and what to do about it ? view
2019-02-01 saraA Why too much salt is bad for your health and what to do about it ? view
2019-02-01 saraA Why too much fat is bad for your health and what to do about it ? view
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2019-01-24 analyst Timing view
2019-01-23 analyst Correct usage of Leverage in Advanced Portfolio Management view
2019-01-23 analyst Drawdown view
2019-01-07 analyst Products - Value Database view
2018-12-30 saraA Methods of preparing food from healthy to least healthy and the max heat temperature of each view
2018-12-24 analyst Logical thinking vs Emotional thinking view
2018-12-19 analyst Learn or Produce view
2018-12-12 analyst Calls and Puts - Its usage in investing view
2018-12-09 saraA Prevention instead of treatment in healthcare view
2018-11-27 analyst Three Pillars of Health view
2018-11-27 saraA Eating a plate of mixed vegetables will boost immune system view
2018-11-26 analyst Helping something or working at a job that helps people provides cumulative happiness while the opposite provides anxiety view
2018-11-14 analyst Trial and Error view
2018-11-09 analyst Risk Units as a method to contain Risk view
2018-11-09 saraA Top signs of a weakened Immune System view
2018-11-08 analyst Circle of Life view
2018-11-02 jack Pricing view
2018-11-02 analyst What type of vegetables and fruits can be eaten to boost Immune System immediately view
2018-11-01 analyst Position Sizing for Long term & Short term Investments on equity markets view
2018-10-25 saraA 8 hours of sleep is important for a healthy immune system view
2018-10-16 saraA A 30min. exercise is one of the best natural and free ways to improve your well-being view
2018-10-05 analyst Difference between Investing in fundamentally bad company vs good company view
2018-10-05 saraA Weightlifting in particular: Squats increase Testosterone view
2018-09-20 stanko Position Sizing view
2018-09-19 saraA Is Fried chicken with the skin peeled off healthy? view
2018-09-14 saraA Fried foods and its harm to health view
2018-09-06 stock zyne about us view
2018-09-06 stock zyne mission statement view
2018-08-30 analyst Strategy - Standard view
2018-08-28 analyst Strategy - YOLO view
2018-08-28 analyst Strategy - Retirement view
2018-08-17 stanko Free Cash Flow view
2018-08-08 analyst Zyne - Benefits of Analysis view
2018-07-31 stock zyne privacy policy view
2018-07-31 stock zyne refund policy view
2018-07-23 analyst The Philippines is building a green, disaster-resilient city view
2018-07-09 analyst Ethereum Founder: "Dislikes centralized exchanges so much" view
2018-07-06 analyst Blame superstar tech-firms for slow wage growth - OECD view
2018-07-02 analyst LeBron James to join Lakers for $154 million over 4 years view
2018-06-29 analyst Zyne - About Us view
2018-06-29 analyst Zyne - Refund Policy view
2018-06-29 analyst Zyne - Privacy Policy view
2018-06-27 analyst Zyne - Mission statement view
2018-06-26 analyst Meituan, the Tencent-backed ‘one-stop super app,’ files for IPO in Hong Kong view
2018-06-04 jack Vaio is back and its laptops are heading to Asia view
2018-05-28 analyst U.S. Websites Go Dark in Europe as GDPR Data Rules Kick In view
2018-05-23 analyst N.Y. judge sides with parents and rules their 30-year-old-son must move out view
2018-05-21 analyst To stay competitive, US call centers are training workers to be super agents view
2018-05-15 analyst Humanoid robot runs through the park by itself view
2018-05-03 jack Can mid-high luxury be combined with low cost of living in a first world country? view
2018-04-26 analyst Smartphone sales suffer biggest decline ever view
2018-04-18 analyst China to End 50/50 Local owned Foreign Venture Rule for Foreign Auto Makers view
2018-04-16 analyst Xiaomi pushes for assembly in India view
2018-04-16 analyst Hong Kong Plows $1.2 Billion Into Defending Currency to Little Effect in Q2-2018 view
2018-04-13 analyst NYC Townhouse Listed for $30 Million—or $45 Million in Bitcoin view
2018-04-11 analyst London, Shanghai Stock Exchanges to Get a Trading Link view
2018-03-26 analyst China launches crude oil futures in Shanghai view
2018-03-26 analyst Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says bitcoin will eventually be the single global currency view
2018-03-15 stanko Global Smartwatch Market 2010-2018 analysis view
2018-02-26 jack ZYNE Issue 12 - Young and money, BTC value is about... view
2018-02-12 jack ZYNE Issue 11 - The luck of the draw and its exponential gains view
2018-01-23 jack ZYNE Issue 10 -  Tesla Supercharger network growing at 100% per year view
2017-12-18 jack ZYNE Issue 9 - Enigma gives you multipleX's, truth is where power grows view
2017-11-16 jack ZYNE Issue 8 - Position sizing to success , close to the top? ZYNE ENTRY view
2017-10-23 jack ZYNE Issue 7 - La chapelle a budding fast fashion company, the result of cheap power view
2017-07-06 jack ZYNE Issue 6 - IoT Internet of things a budding industry view
2017-06-29 jack ZYNE Issue 5 - the inflection point of trading profitable, don't fear bots view
2017-06-08 jack ZYNE Issue 4 - Cannabis , should it be legalized or not? ENTRY view
2017-06-02 jack ZYNE Issue 3 - Top 500 companies revenue analysis , revenue is mind anchor! view
2017-05-26 jack Zyne Issue 2: Brazil market drops while Jack turns into a master day trader! view
2017-05-17 jack Zyne Issue 1: A.I. robots coming to attack us!! view
2016-11-17 stanko 58.com , china's online craigslist, with online real estate subsidiary anjuke view
2016-11-07 stock P/E range and time for doubling capital view
2016-11-07 stock time to double capital with dividends starting from 4% view
2016-05-10 analyst god, country, team , self view
2016-05-05 analyst howto: risk free position sizing view
2016-04-12 analyst society and perfection view
2016-04-06 analyst relations with inanimate objects view
2016-03-24 analyst difference between business and relations view
2016-03-14 analyst luck on top of skill view
2016-03-12 analyst stressful value view
2016-02-27 analyst act first think last view
2016-02-25 analyst value should not move view
2016-02-24 analyst Freedom requires training and structure view
2016-02-22 analyst optimum place for fun is near hell. view

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