difference between business and relations

Accuracy score :

Business is perfection.

Relations are flaws..

The intrisnic value for a successful business is its aim for perfection, not just its products,  but the perfect product. Depending on the business some perfection can be aimed at price, variety , service ,technology or perfection in general.

The level of complexity is ranked as :

1. technology

2. general perfection (ie. hotels , where tech/service/construction are all required)

3. price (ie. walmart)

4. single service  (ie. restaurant , lawyer)

5. variety (wide selection)

Complexity doesn't equal good or bad in its worth in society, it does increase the value based on the required knowledge needed to implement the complexity. complexity does get paid.

  • the risk of not being perfect in business is bankruptcy.

Relations on the other hand is a flawed transaction,  A relation requires friction,  friction requires one or both objects to be flawed. The object of the relation is to sand down the friction to smoothness.

  • the risk of relations are constant dealings with flaws and frictions.
  • the reward of relations are spiritual needs of friction being met.