Humanoid robot runs through the park by itself

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Humanoid robot runs through the park by itself

Boston Dynamics released new video of two of the company's robots, Atlas and SpotMini showing off some new features like running and autonomous navigation.


Facts: AI robot technology has been advancing at light speed, in 2001 Aibo was released which was Sony's robot dog which sat around and barked. In 2005 Boston Dynamics released  BigDog which was a walkin dog that carried up to 350 lbs .  In 2016 BD released Atlas which is a 6ft jogging robotic humanoid.

Analysis: Applications such as personal assistant, robotic bodyguard that can follow you while you jog,  grocery shopping assistant that carries your groceries bag, handicapped personal helper which carries you when needed and drops you off at an intended GPS location. Boston Dynamics is advancing at the speed of light in robotic technology.

Conclusion: Buy Softbank, which owns Boston Dynamics.