Fox Accepts $71 Billion Disney Bid, Dealing Blow to Comcast

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21st Century Fox Inc. accepted a sweetened, $71.3 billion bid from Walt Disney Co. for its entertainment assets, outbidding Comcast Corp. in a battle for one of the media industry’s biggest prizes.

The $38-a-share price is about $10 a share higher than what Disney offered in December -- and $3 above Comcast’s bid from last week. The new agreement also offers more flexibility and other enhancements than the Comcast offer, Fox said on Wednesday.


Facts:  Disney's market cap is 159 billion USD (Jun 2018),  


2. Fox's entertainment properties include Sky Broadcasting in Europe,  21st Century Movie Production with the little spotlight as a logo, Simpsons brand, X-men, Fox , Fox News, National Geographic.   

3. Disney acquired Marvel for 4.2 billion dollars and incorporated many of the marvel comics characters into Amusement park rides and movies. 

4. Marvel acquired at 4.2 billion usd, Simpsons acquired at 71 billion. 

5. Fox Deal is more than 1/2 the market capital of Disney at 160 billion usd. 

Analysis: Bad deal, if Disney successfully acquired Fox, they will not know what to do with it. 

Conclusion: Disney at current price of 170 USD  / 160 billion market capital (June 2018) , Sell Disney if deal goes through! 


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