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Product Name: Equity Value Database Premium Equity Value Database   Reports
Features Access to all NYSE / NASDAQ 6000+ Symbols database Acccess to NYSE/NASDAQ / Shanghai /HKEX 9000+ Symbols database
  Add 5 custom Filters Add Unlimited Filters

Sorted Listings to locate new investing ideas such as Price/Sales, Value/Price,  Growth/Value, % From Highest High , % from 50 Moving Average, Highest Revenue Growth List,  Value% List, 10 day Largest price change % List, Industry Categorization and more!

  5 year Fundamental data Same
  Value Per share Calculation for every stock Same
  Updated everyday after the Markets 4:00PM Same
Bonus N/A Access to  Technical Analysis Reports
Market Direction Access to Realtime Portfolio ( % in Cash Indicator) Access to Realtime Portfolio ( % in Cash Indicator and Positions)
Price  $25.00/Monthly $35.00/Monthly

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