Starbucks is opening its bathrooms to everyone

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Starbucks bathrooms are now open to all — no purchase necessary.

The company informed US employees on Friday that people can gather in their cafes and patios even if they don't buy drinks, and that store bathrooms are available to everyone.

"Any person who enters our spaces, including patios, cafes and restrooms, regardless of whether they make a purchase, is considered a customer," Starbucks said in an email to employees.



Facts: Opening up public restrooms will lead to more usage which leads to dirty bathrooms if not cleaned on a very strict 1 hour basis. Starbucks does not hire professional janitors as professionally ran malls do , Most bathrooms are cleaned by Starbucks Baristas on a rotating basis.

Analysis: Nice gesture, but slightly damaging to the company due to employee morale.  An overflow of non-customers means the bathroom will be as clean as McDonalds or KFC's bathroom which is not very clean.  Customers who visit Starbucks pay $3USD on average per coffee also expect a rather clean and professional bathroom with a mirror.

Conclusion:  Employee Morale will go down and bathroom cleansiness will also drop, leading employees quiting or disatisfactory service.Sell SBUX until they change "Non-Customer Public Bathroom Policy".

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