BYD warns profit to plunge on electric car subsidy cuts

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BYD warns profit to plunge on electric car subsidy cuts

Analysis: BYD auto which is also partially owned by Berkshire Hathaway, They are the makers of batteries and most recently very large batterys with an 240 (standard) to 400 (standard XL) kilometer capacity in electric automobiles. BYD also makes public transportation buses and electric powered taxis which is subsidized by the local government.  For public transportation buses, electric batteries make a lot of sense with fixed point to point routes, Charging stations are fixed without too many variables. For public taxi transportations utilizing electric, long haul routes to airports or other cities are reduced due to the 240 kilo limit and a 2 hour charging time with limited charging stations.  

Conclusion: Keep an eye out for Berkshire Hathaway's direction in their investment, The investment direction should be duplicated.

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