The Philippines is building a green, disaster-resilient city

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In one of the most disaster-prone regions on the planet, a new city has been designed specifically to withstand natural calamities -- and it's being built using remnants of a major disaster. The Philippines has begun building a "back-up" city, from where government offices can still function should capital Manila succumb to a natural disaster such as an earthquake. The proposed metropolis, located 100 kilometers north of Manila, is called New Clark City. With plans to cover 9,450 hectares, it will be bigger than Manhattan and could accommodate as many as 1.2 million people. MORE:

Analysis: Great civil planning by the Philippines. The overall plan is great, cutting out the trendy part such as green and self-sustaining ,  the country should be focused on building 


1) growing employment in the city confines 


2) entertainment  


3) parks/sceneries and lots of nature 


4) Good transportation to link all three 


5) Link them up with electric power. 




Conclusion: Great new city, don't forget the basics!  Hope things go as planned.