Walmart Agrees to Buy 77% Stake in Flipkart for $16 Billion

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Walmart Agrees to Buy 77% Stake in Flipkart for $16 Billion Walmart (WMT) said Wednesday it has agreed to take control of India’s largest e-commerce company, FlipKart for $16 billion, betting that growth in the South Asian market will make up for the short-term losses from taking on the unprofitable startup.      More:

Facts:  Flipkart is #1 in India e-commerce similar to with revenues of 2,952,047,581 (2.9 billion) USD for 2017. India is #7th economy in the world as of 2018. 

Analysis:  For 2.9 billion in revenue, income in the future should be around 10%/ 290 million if ran very professionally. India being the 7th economy is bound to grow, $16 billion usd acquisition is for 77% of the company which values the company at $21 billion USD.

  $290 million income for $21 billion USD. Taking growth into account, it is still quite pricey. Amazon may be buying at the top of this decade.

Conclusion: Sell, Walmart could be over-acquiring startups and not innovating within.


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