LeBron James to join Lakers for $154 million over 4 years

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LeBron James to join Lakers for $154 million over 4 years his agency, Klutch Sports Group, announced Sunday night. James did not pick up his option Friday with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team he led to its fourth straight NBA finals this year, only to be swept by the Golden State Warriors in four games. Some had expected the move to Los Angeles, where the Ohio native owns two homes. The announcement came on the first day of free agency. MORE: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/07/01/us/lebron-james-signs-los-angeles-lakers/index.html

Facts: Lebron James won the first major sports championship for Cleveland Caveliers since 1964 after coming back from the Miami Heats.

2. Joined Miami Heats in 2010 - 2014 (2 Championships)

3. Joined Cleveland Cavaliers 2015-2018 (1 Championship) 


Analysis:  From the looks of it, Lebron James does not make bad decisions, out of the 2 decisions he has made by himself, 2 of them both resulted in Championships. His latest decision to join the L.A. Lakers, joined by young stars such as Brandon Ingram (born 1997), Lonzo Ball (b. 1997) and Kyle Kuzma (b. 1995). The current roster of L.A. Lakers, all aged around 23-25.  Lebron James is 33 years old who can act as guiding mentor for fresh bloodlust looking for a championship. It's a great move, that might result in entertaining matches. 


Conclusion: Good move by Lebron. Guaranteed NBA Entertainment compared to staying in the land. Championship is unlikely but will be Fine entertainment if it becomes reality.  James is in the entertainment business first and foremost.