Freedom requires training and structure

Accuracy score :

To give freedom to a creature, girlfriend or country is the highest happiness given. Happiness always comes at a cost.

  • The inherent nature is to flow wherever it wants to flow, blow wherever it wants to blow but in a predictable pattern.  Turbulence happens 10-15% of the time but relatively harmless.

Freedom given to a human has always resulted in happiness. The prerequisite is that the person given the freedom has an ingrained or pre-trained positive way of life.


  •  training can be in terms of school education,  a manual, mcdonalds food preparation process , or  even a simple checklist in office restrooms. This regulates the results while allowing freedom for the operator.    
  • risks of freedom with positive training: random turbulence but the end results are mostly good.   turbulence can not be predicted but is a given.    
  • risks of freedom without positive training:   acquired the freedom to do whatever they are naturally ingrained to do.  This not only results in turbulence but amplified results such as violence, revenge , anger , greed,  sexual deviance. Risks are extremely high.
  • rewards of freedom: Happiness.

The optimal method of giving freedom/happiness is to list out best practices and roll the dice that the person abides, or  pay a nominal fee in exchange of following best practices.   the worst way is to give freedom/happiness to an unregulated or untrained person,  nothing good comes out of it.