Pinnacle of Financial Management

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  Pinnacle of finance management is allowing the ordinary person on the street to take their hard-earned money and co-invest with Big business, and enjoy the fruits of the economy's success.  




The saved salary of the ordinary person x growth of the economy = financial management success 




Note: Salary Saved is after taxes and expenses. 

(Salary saved) X ( (Economy's Growth% +100 )/ 100) = Total 


Economy's Growth for 10 years is +50%, Total Salary is $50,000 while Salary Saved is $30,000. Total Saved Salary for 10 years = $300,000 


$300,000USD X ( (50+100) / 100 ) =  $450,000 Total  



Conversion to Time Value 


The excess of $150,000 equivalent of 3 years of full-time work is good financial management. Participating with the economy should allow +30% in free time, whereas not participating well reduce in no added free time.