Prevention instead of treatment in healthcare

Prevention vs Treatment in healthcare
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Why does one need to cure a disease when it is avoidable?

Indeed, prevention is better than treatment because:

  • It protects the individual’s health as many chronic diseases such as diabetes are preventable.
  • It cuts treatment costs in many cases. So instead of spending a lot of money on health care, why not investing a small amount to preserve a good health?
  • It avoids treatment’s side effects since one does not have to take heavy medication for instance.
  • It does not need a commitment to medication, but focuses more on having healthy lifestyles and stress relieving activities.

What do I need to do to have a healthy lifestyle and relieve stress?

  • Eat well. Eat healthy food. Have a balanced diet that keeps your weight normal. Avoid too much sugar and salty food.
  • Get physically active. Do 30 min of moderate intensity exercise per day at least.  
  • Do not smoke and drink moderately if you do so.
  • Do other activities to relieve stress. If playing music helps you feel relaxed, just go for it!
  • Do not hesitate to refer to a health professional for counselling and regular check-ups. It allows your doctor to assess your disease risk and act accordingly to prevent its incidence, or to detect a disease earlier enough to treat it efficiently and maximize your chances of recovery. It is advised to do check-ups every 2 years before turning 40 and every year after that. Check-ups often involve screening tests.
  • A health counsellor or a health coach could help you to have a healthy lifestyle by designing it and motivating you.
  • Stay informed. Nowadays, it is easy to get health information from many trusted online sources. You just need to be curious enough!

Why is prevention more difficult than treatment?

  • It is easier to seek for help (and eventually spend money for that) when the reason is visible. Most often, prevention seeks to conserve a good health status, so why to ask for help if health is ok? Would think some people. In fact, it is logical, especially that research in prevention is scarce comparing to treatment research. The only way to get out of these thoughts is to learn to be proactive and anticipate a bad health status.
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to get rid of some habits. However, a lot of methods exist, and one can get support from family, friends, and health coaches if needed.
  • Habits are some other times difficult to maintain. That is why it is important to take it easy and always seek for improvement and help if needed!