Zyne Issue 1: A.I. robots coming to attack us!!

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                                            Edited by Jack Meister@ZYNE

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5/16/2017  ZYNE Issue 1  - A.I. robots coming to attack us!!

from Queens, New York.  Welcome all new readers!!!   
It is my pleasure to analyze , review , seperate wheat from chaff, anchor 
truths and shoot da shit in the investment world. Our letters are distributed 
every week on tuesday or wednesday, two or three times a month, if there is nothing 
happening,We skip a week and not waste your time. Facts anchors investments, 
Price gives us stuff to invest. If Price does not move we will also skip a week.
Hope you enjoy this week's letter! Make more money!
    Jack Meister

---General---------- General market and news
Lot of political action , Trump fires FBI Director James Comey , No effect 
on the markets or any investments. Seems like a consolidation of power at 
the whitehouse ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Trump keeping the public in suspense, almost
 like finishing an episode of the Apprentice, who he gonna' fire next? 
I personally think Trump is making the right moves, trying to keep everybody 
on the same path, cutting out the different pathers ✄✄✄

S&P500 is at its 8 year high, non-stop uptrend, its a locomotive train thats
 going to end soon, nobody knows when. What can we do? Should we invest at 
the top? Hells no! Don't do it! If you have retirement funds heading straight
 into S&P Vanguard ETFs for the past 5 years, thats ok, New funds? Don't do it!
Don't buy at the top! Don't give into temptation.  

Whats behind the S&P500 uptrend?  AMAZON , APPLE, GOOGLE , FACEBOOK  
Same 4 stocks taking over the world. If you didn't hate these names before, 
you'll probably hate it more after hearing their company name ad nauseum 
over and over. Amazon , please don't stick your company name on those grocery stores,
 Amazon grocery stores, Amazon cloud, Amazon ebook, Amazon kindle, Amazon napkins,
 Amazon mousepads.  Make a new logo for those new companies too. Mind is searching 
for something non-Amazon.

---Growth▐━━━━━▌----- hard to invest, fun to watch! Boy do they jump quick

Holy A.I.  This is getting so hyped my mother tells me her fear of robots taking 
over all the jobs (She's a homemaker).  Self driving cars does have an effect on 
the driving employment market, bad for taxi drivers, bad for professional truck 
drivers, now is not the time to get a new york city taxi medallion!  
Speaking of taxi medallions 
(05/2017 price:  Chicago Taxi medallion $100,000 Down from $370,000 in 2014,  New york Taxi medallion $250,000  Down from $1.3M in 2014) 
sourcelink: https://nycitycab.com/Business/TaxiMedallionList.aspx

Or is there? Seems kinda cheap if you ask me down 75% Now if Artificial 
Intelligence Taxi's are going to take over new york ,you still need a medallion. 
I do not think NYC will allow hundreds of random A.I. uber honda , hyundai , 
ford cars roaming around new york city without one. Congestion is a huge problem. 
Taxi Medallions might be going down in price, but the need of a government 
regulated taxi service will always be value added.

How much do NYC taxi drivers make (renting medallions)?  $33,000 Average 
 Sourcelink: http://www1.salary.com/NY/Taxi-Driver-salary.html

Lease rates for medallions:  $100 per day , $700 a week , $2800 a month , $33,600 a year. 
 SourceLink: http://rules.cityofnewyork.us/sites/default/files/proposed_rules_pdf/taxicab_lease_rates_-_p-tlc-6-8-12-b.pdf

Owned medallions NYC Taxi drivers:  $33,600 + $33,000 = $60k a year

$300,000 Avg NYC Taxi Medallion
$33,600 (leased out if you don't drive it ) 
9x Yearly revenue if leased out

5x Yearly revenue if you drove that yellow cab around yourself like a BOSS (. )( .)
Looks a bit like value to me!

---Growth▐━━━━━▌----- Graphic processor units for A.I. 
Nvidia cranking out GPUS for A.I. Cloud servers, I have no idea what they are proessing, 
I do know NVidia GPU's are great for bitcoin mining.  A lot less now since the difficulty
 of bitcoin mining has gone up exponentially!  Bitcoin (05/17 price: $1700USD)  
Could be hype, Could be..

I've researched exactly what they use GPUs in the cloud for,

1) Password cracking  ,Sourcelink: https://www.kali.org/news/cloud-cracking-with-cuda-gpu/
Apparently security companies use cloud GPU's to crack md5 passwords, to reduce
 the time to crack passwords, 1000 cores in the cloud faster then 10 cores.

2) Deep learning  , Sourcelink: http://nvidianews.nvidia.com/news/nvidia-launches-gpu-cloud-platform-to-simplify-ai-development
Straight from nvidia, sounds like corporate bullshit to me ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ ,
 what in the world is deep learning?  looks like all they learned is cracking Yahoo! email 
passwords to snoop on your girlfriends's email

3) Gaming Video cards in the cloud , Sourcelink: https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2015/09/30/geforce-now/
Instead of buying a GTX 950 video card to play World of Warcraft, 
you just stream the game from the cloud, This seems viable and dependant on your bandwidth. 
 effects the seller of video cards (which is nvidia itself) but doesn't seem to be
 extremely monopolish due to the internet bandwidth limitations. 
Simple talk: Gamers still like gaming video cards onsite.

4) GPU's in Self-driving cars,  Sourcelink: http://wccftech.com/nvidia-lead-autonomous-car-sector-market-share/
Now Nvidia has a hold on this, but I do believe its one GPU chip per self driving car,
 Why do they put GPU's instead of CPU's inside of cars? From my analysis, 
GPU(graphics processing units) process graphics a lot better then CPU(which are instructions of 0s and 1s) .
 The cameras on your car are taking 360 degree pictures of everything around
 the car on a continous basis, a GPU will process this graphics to decide if 
it is another car, a stop sign or a highway road. The GPU processing speed is a lot faster then a 0,1  CPU processing speed. 
Tesla uses it, Toyota uses it, almost all self driving companies use GPU's.

Nvidia is at its lifetime high of ( 05/17 price:  NVDA $134.00 USD ) with a 44x earnings. 
Dependant on the GPU self driving market. The market is growing for GPU chips...

---Mergers & Acquistion----  Big Corporate News
Oceanwide acquires-> Genworth 
             Deal ->  $5.30 cash per share
    Current Price -> $3.70 
    Spread to gain-> 43%
 Deal success probability -> Low ╰(◣﹏◢)╯           

Oceanwide just refiled CFIUS on 4/28/2017, 
This merger is very dependant on not just the CFIUS approval, 
but insurance regulator approvals in a few big states , new york , delaware and a few others. 
 Doesn't look simple to me, resulting in a huge ass (_!_) spread.

---Entertainment ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪----

Overwatch by (Blizzard Activsion ATVI) multi player team based online game sells over 1 billion dollars and counting!
This is the first multi-player online franchise Blizzard Activision released in over 17 years. 
Its a shooting game (like quake) multi-player with a cartoonish style of graphics, Think dennis the menance with guns.
Retails for $39.99 , haven't played it yet, but seems like its the best of the multi player shooting genere at the moment.

What I have downloaded is QUAKE LIVE from Steam
1) Download Steam@ http://store.steampowered.com
2) buy the QUAKE LIVE game for $6

Rocket launchers straight outa 2003, Holy moly, this game is fun and cheap, Forget about the old Quake3 , 
This is the new and improved QUAKE LIVE for $6 DOLLAS, thats a cheeseburger and a drink.  
There are over 200-300 rooms available around the world you can join and instantly rocket a few at some unsuspecting 13 year old gamer.
 Little does he know a financial wizard just hit him. 【ツ】

Until next week or the week after... Zyne Letters.