ZYNE Issue 10 -  Tesla Supercharger network growing at 100% per year

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12/06/2017  ZYNE Issue 10 -  Tesla Supercharger network growing at 100% per year
---Greetings :-D ---------
Welcome all new readers! It's fun to have you guys around.  In Zyne 10, we will start analysis on 
issues other then money making such as life issues. We live most of our lives in reality, why not apply
financial analysis on it.
    Jack Meister
---General <><  --  General market
Market still on an uptrend, Isn't cheap that's for sure. Always be invested in the market but the positioning has to be light when its expensive.

--- Risk Management O_O --  Low-risk adjusted returns works a lot better for the masses then high rewards
High Rewards over 50% a year comes with High Risk ,can't sleep well at night with full capital sloshing around in the markets , happy today devastated tomorrow , 
while waiting for the chance of big bucks to roll in, health insurance is another added expense.

With low rewards (7-10%)  comes with a steady up growth of funds, Allowing investors to keep their investment account as a high growth savings account instead of treating
their account as a full time job.
---Growth []_____[]-- One trade every 6 years
Ever buy a car second hand and have it run well for you for over 5 years? Just some oil changes here and there, "old" hunk of machinery that drives you to
work 5 days a week, Its a beauty, even the one disc cd player is a dream, it just works!  The value received from one great investment is long lasting and you remember it forever.
The return/effort ratio is out of this world. some people like to daytrade, but a true professional can count the quantity of good investments on their 10 fingers.
Once you learn the art of investing, the waiting will yield one great investment every 2 to 6 years, my friend you are blessed. The longer the wait, in-depth 
research, the complete confidence in the position allows you to sleep like a baby at night and make millions! 
Value calculated from a car is miles driven, Value from an investment is capital appreciation. 500-600% sounds about right. 
---Growth []_____[]--  Tesla supercharger network is growing at 100% per year!
2013  -      6 Superchargers
2014  -    100 Superchargers
2015 -     250 Superchargers
2016 -     500 Superchargers
2017 Oct/01 1000 Superchargers   <--- Current Time
2018        1500?? Superchargers
2019        2000?? Superchargers

Instead of viewing tesla as a car company who makes unprofitable electric cars, lets look at tesla as an electric (power) stations, soon to be dotting every inch of the country. 
Replacing all of those gas stations seems like a nice chunk of business to conquer. Profits don't exist in a win-win world , for one sector to be profitable another sector is going down.
Gas stations are going to be in one hell of a hurt.
The futures of Oil has correctly predicted $45-$60 a barrel, Probably lower. Got to be impressed with the market's prediction ability, even before tesla "reality" is enforced,
price happens.

---Real life |0_0 --- Receiving love is freedom, giving love is happiness
Someone who receives plenty of love starts to crave more freedom , too much freedom wants more freedom(aka get me out of here), Now you know why the pretty girl you just gifted some roses 
has been avoiding your phone calls! She's greedy about freedom. Someone
who is giving out love receives plenty of happiness start to crave more happiness by giving out more love, 
a great cycle to be in, the philanthropist gives out even more benefiting society.
The recipient of love has some flaws, for i.e. a beautiful lady,  a man who just won the 300 million dollar Powerball who gets his face
and name plastered on daily news. This guy is going to be the recipient of plenty of love but just
desires more freedom.
Plain and simple, it's a greedy cycle to receive love, a virtuous cycle to give. Being beautiful has its mental traps.

Until next week or the week after... Zyne Letters.