ZYNE Issue 4 - Cannabis , should it be legalized or not? ENTRY

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6/08/2017  ZYNE Issue 4  - Cannabis , should it be legalized or not? ENTRY

---Greetings :-D ---------
Welcome all new readers! Decent issue tonight, a growth stock for our readers, some
 research on the cannabis industry.
Our Zyne readers make MONEY
    Jack Meister

---General <><  --
General market is in expensive territory , we don't know what will happen,
 it will go up , it will go down, Zyne is in ALL cash in the equity markets.

---Growth []_____[]--
Where is the growth in Cannabis? At the moment  it is illegal in 97% countries at
the federal level (country level), and semi-legal at the state level for medical cannabis.
We will focus on the legality of the G8+1, since they provide the most revenue..
G8+1 Legality:  
Canada - Illegal!
France - Illegal!
Germany - Legal for medicinal (2016)
Italy  - Illegal!
Japan - Illegal!
UK  - Illegal!
Russia - Illegal!
U.S-  Illegal Federally (countrywide)!  Semi-Legal in 9 states(2017)
+1 China - Illegal!

So basically its illegal everywhere except for Germany, and gray-legal
in 9 states in the United States. The Growth is not there mainly because it is
 an illegal product in 97% countries. A lot of people may jaywalk
and smoke pot, but if its not legal at a country level its never going to "grow".

The money in Cannabis at the moment is in the actual farming of this rich crop.
 Lot of Growers have talked about the bundles of cash they are sticking under
 their mattress, which is mainly because marijuana businesses are not allowed
to bank in the federally regulated banks. To have access to banking services,
 you must be federally legal.  Lot of cash is sitting on the outside of the
banks, it's not investable because it's not accountable. Many growers have depended on
armor trucks and buddy systems to move their cash out of their stores
 into bulletproof armored IRS offices to pay their taxes.
Retrofitted their cars with armor, basically its still illegal.

Until the cannabis businesses are federally legal the only way to make good
money from cannabis is to sell the crop at the moment.

What happens when its legalized federally in the U.S?   

Depending on the time , it will probably take 8-10 years, What is being legalized
is also in question, cannabis in general or medical cannabis.
If cannabis is legalized in the U.S. , its similar to prohibition and the repeal
of it in 1933. Cannabis Prices will plummet immediately.

Current Cannabis price: $300 per ounce
Current Tobacco price: $4 per ounce
Current Vodka price:  $0.50 per ounce  (24 ounces a bottle , $15 per bottle )

SourceLink: http://www.priceofweed.com/prices/United-States.html

From the looks of it, its currently 80x more expensive then its cousin Tobacco plant,
 That margin is only on because of the legality.
If Cannabis is legalized at the federal level, I predict Cannabis prices
 won't be more then $7.50 per ounce in the future. Laws
tend to have a habit of skewing supply and demand, lack of supply heavy demand.

Do investors want cannabis to be legalized?  Probably not, the moment it is
 legalized the easy margin will vaporize,  and the start of corporate 5% profit margins
 will appear. There will be a lot of pot smokers in the world sitting
next to cigars, cigarettes. Lot of people will acquire lung diseases in masse ,
 this is a free country you are free to disease up as you wish, but a new smoking
plant isn't the next coming of the messiah. Margins are low while having
a reputation of cool. From this point of view, I could see how the government
is in No-Rush legalizing another smoking plant.

---Growth []_____[]-- CHL
We have a great growth stock for zyne readers,
As researched by Stanko@zyne, China Mobile is debt-free company that
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The growth has been steady, china mobile owns 70% of the mobile market in China.
A good stock @ $50 and under  $50 , $49, $48, $47 , Set a Buy GTC90 @ $49
Its going up to at least 80$-90$ with a few downsides.

One of the downsides is it won't triple to $150 , I prefer growth stocks to
 make a lot of money instead of just making money.

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