ZYNE Issue 5 - the inflection point of trading profitable, don't fear bots

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6/30/2017  ZYNE Issue 5  -  the inflection point of trading profitable, don't fear bots



---Greetings :-D ---------

Welcome all new readers! Hoping all investors or happily sipping away coke & rum

on a beach somewhere  while keeping notes on the markets.


    Jack Meister



---General <><  --  General market

 Markets offering up a sliver of opportunity here and there, you got to keep notes

on it to catch that sliver.  Markets shapeshifting, the notes from various days and angles will composite out

a criminal sketch.  Summertime, things are very calm, Our fund works on a few 2-3% opportunity here and there, nothing special. More notes!


---Education ?_? -- Inflection point on making money in investing


The inflection point where money is made through investments  is intriguing to most

beginners and journeymen in the business world.

Is it through cowboy investments or throwing money at a 3% bank c.d. and making 3%

for 5 years (Not counting inflation of 10% a year

on your 2 bedroom rental) which makes your 3% worthless.


Tight movement but risk free actions with the probability of a large reward.


The action is similar to a boxer using tight movements to maneuver forward and

dodge the opponent, while keeping his defense actions tight (slipping), at the same

time throwing a few heavies(probability of rewards).

 Lets break this down:


1. Forward movement (increase of knowledge)

2. Defense movement but tight ( short quick sellouts on the whim avoiding risk)

3. Heavy action movement (throwing down positions)


Now if your tight defense is protecting your advances , that means you advance without risk!



---Growth []_____[]-- Where is the value in bots?


New Transformers movie coming out, is this a signal of times or the prediction of the future.    

In the world's factory aka China,  where most of our factory jobs has gone to, its being replaced over there as well!

STO Express has orange sorting bot for packages

SourceLink: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4401108/Meet-Little-Orange-robot-warehouse-worker-China.html

300 sorting bots sorting 20,000 packages per hour,  It looks a bit sick to be honest. 

Doesn't look human to me.


In the iPhone manufacturing plants ,  Foxconn bot-ing 30% of the workers by 2020 , that’s 3 years away.

SourceLink: https://www.theverge.com/2016/12/30/14128870/foxconn-robots-automation-apple-iphone-china-manufacturing



Humans  .. Bots


What’s the point of bot-ing everything when there is nothing in it for humans?

We make bots to provide value to us but if it starts taking value away, it becomes a problem.

Do not be alarmed! Media mentions bots will take away everything from humans, It is not so.

Humans actually have a gag reflex to prevent this from happening, Humans have a balancing act,

where if things start taking value away, robots will actually be DE-VALUED.



Case in point, what is the stock market? It rewards companies that provide value.

How do companies become profitable?  It becomes profitable by providing value to customers.

How do relationships work? They work when one provides value to another in exchange

for something else in value. How do robots exist? They exist if they provide value.


Robots have the requirement of providing values to humans or the gag reflex executes 100%

I picture a world where robots oils and produces material goods, bots make bots.

I say that’s providing value.

I also picture a world where robots control other robots, bots control bots.

Saves us a lot of work, Nobody wants to talk to machines all day.


I don't picture a world where robots takes the place of humans such as relationships,

 inventing, creativity, service, sports, the human touch.

If bots take away from humans, they will simply be devalued by the market. That is a market fact.


Bots in Money management. Zyne Bot (c. 01/2018) coming out with a bot that will

 take care of your money. Makes  money while saving a lot of work :) Email us to try out the beta.


Don't fear bots.






Until next week or the week after... Zyne Letters.