ZYNE Issue 12 - Young and money, BTC value is about...

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02/25/2018  ZYNE Issue 12 - Young and money, BTC value is about...
---Greetings :-D ---------
Welcome all new readers! Hoping to expand your imagination a bit in this issue.

    Jack Meister
---General <><  --  General market
Market has been sideways from our viewpoint, no opportunity no sells, its all holdings with no movement here. Bitcoin - @ 9900USD 2/23/2018  is not a good buy under any circumstances, don't
believe the news pumping it up to $100k per BTC, $1000 to $2000 is decent value @ 22 million outstanding , $20,000 is bubble, $33-$40 billion total market cap for bitcoin is value.
Value is calculated by its usage in the market, which is asset movement across borders.
Current price is $9,900 , So 80% drop to $1800.

---Real life o_o --  The sand drip of time and its demand for concurrence

During growth investing, time drips ever so slowly, life happens but time drips particle by particle if you are watching intently. The demand for concurrence is mainly
so you don't waste your life away accumulating money. Money a "tool" , similar to a shovel or a chair, more shovel then chair :) To spend your time drip on waiting to acquire shovels
is one funny mental picture only human beings can produce.

The demand for concurrence is balanced , due to the need of doing the right things at the right time. Partying during your 20's , Family during your 30s, more Family during your 40s,
enough family in your 50s, time for Ferraris. During this sand drip of time the dual advancement split 50/50 in between an investment growing 100% , 200% or 1000% and your child growing from age 3 to
12 plays out like a symphony.

For both to occur at the same time, sand drip of time has been defeated and concurrence is in play.
Concurrence is Young & Money or having your cake and eating it (someone sending you replacement cake)

---Growth []_____[]-- 3,5,10 years prepaid is the best solution for planning

Month to Month is the default payment solution for most services, It is also one of the worst ways to plan for the future.
The credit card fees that are tacked onto the pricing is an extra 3%, Usually a prepaid option such as 1 year will give you a 10% discount,
a 3 year prepaid will give you a 20% discount.
 These discounts while insignificant in monetary value, is highly significant in planning value.

$20 a month , you get to pay as you go, for planning value: nothing gets processed
$220 a year ($20 discount) , starts to get become interesting
$600 for 3 years (17% discount), Does this service actually benefit my life?
$1000 for 5 years (money isn't an issue) ,  5 years of this service, how much does it benefit my future
$1700 for 10 years (now we are talking!),  this is guaranteed to benefit my operation or else I wouldn't purchase it for a decade!

Lets put this into real estate purchase
You rent a 2 bedroom apartment for $1800/month , $21,600/Year
When starting out in your life its important to jump around different cities and try everything out.
Lets say you jumped around for 5 years and lived in 5-6 places and figured out what's the best city that fits you.
"New York city suburbs is a good fit!"
Purchase a 2 bedroom apartment for $300,000 at age 30, Most likely down payment of $90,000 and a loan of $210,000.
At age 30 you will have 55 more years to live.

210,000 *2 (for interest) + maintenance / 55 years
420,000 / 55 years = $7636
Taxes & maintenance = 1% of purchase price per year = $3000

$7636 + $3000 = $10636
Per month fees =  $886

in 20 years $1800 rent will most likely be up to $2500 , in 40 years most likely will be up to $4500. Asset also paid off!
A house is for life... Savings are incredible if you buy for the next 50 years.

--Growth []_____[]--   Service as Art

To provide service as an art or theatre is the highest level service can be provided.  Everything done is entertaining, Everything done to perfection, Entertainment must be
aligned to perfection of action.

Art expands the mind's imagination where the impossible(perfection) is made possible, theatre is producing that art into live action. Its one thing to hear it being done, another
seeing it done in front of you. When service is done as art, it is a trophy in life: highly entertaining while being very rewarding.

NBA basketball has turned into theatre with Steph Curry throwing 3s from midcourt and hitting it. Why does he do it? 1) train his long range 2) theatre , the more theatrical
entertainment is the higher the ratings! People turn on their TV just to see the impossible possible. Sport isn't just a sport where you win or lose, its winning with style,
efficient , deadly and impossible.


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