ZYNE Issue 13 - 3rd Dimension in the Professional markets

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02/01/2021  ZYNE Issue 13 - 3rd Dimension in the Professional markets




---Greetings :-D ---------


Welcome all new readers! After a short-term pause of 2 years, Zyne Letters is back. Writing about money and everything else we love.





---General <><  --  General market

Market is at its extreme highs, we are mostly in cash, 90% in CASH/GOLD. I would refer gold as the same thing as cash. 10% in equity, mostly in  

residual stock profits.



---Real life o_o -- Staying the course  

In the financial industry the income scales widely from a few thousand to a few billion, what really tempts the mind is the speed when someone makes

a few million in a few months or a billion in one trade that lasts a month!

One can look upon it with jealousy or even slight pain, but on the other hand a financial trader should focus on their own

uniqueness and their own path.  


As long as your path has a large vision of growth and scale, focusing on your own path is the right way. While making a few million in a month

may pain the mind lottery winners get the same thing, we don't really admire them.


Here are some of the requirements to know if your path is right:


a) It makes money now.

if it doesn't make money, you aren't proving if your service or mindset is actually useful to the market.

If it does make money, it is value adding to the market, regardless of liquidity or taking the other side, the market needs you.


b)It has scale

Does it scale? Can you put 100 million, 500 million or 1 billion on the same method or transaction?

If it doesn't your earning power is severely limited, and you may be in need of a change of method, and you might never reach the same level of  

the trader who does a million in a few months.



If it makes money now, and has scale, have no fear... Stay the course and you will be rewarded finely.








---Growth []_____[]-- The 3rd dimension in the pro market

There are two competitors that are well known, retail traders and the institutional funds professionals). In the game, most professionals

already know who is forking over the money at most stages of the trade.


The hidden 3rd dimension is the consumers. Consumers don't clearly appear in the market other than on the revenue of a balance sheet.

Consumers will shift industries from hot to cold, or cold to hot. It is this link where the growth is exponential, a lot more than the 100% pie

professionals and retails fight over.



(MARKET IN 100%)

[  pro                   ]                           

[  vs.                     ]

[  retail                 ]



                                     [         Consumers        ]

                         [           Consumers         ]

    `                     [            Consumers         ]



The exponential trade always involve the Consumers into expanding your 100% pie, because they can switch industries from 100% to 1000%

or 50% to 0.




--Growth []_____[]--    Stock pick of the month/year BNTX @110 (as of 2/1/2020)


BNTX - Biontech/ partners up with PFE to produce a variety of mRNA vaccines and drugs.

What I like about the stock is the mRNA technology, which is the other extreme method of making vaccines, vaccines without using eggs or

actual viruses. It trains "something something" to fight against the viruses. It is also incredible safe from a logical point of view because  

it doesn't have the deactivated virus or virus of any kind in the vaccine.



It's like writing a computer program and inserting it into your body which allows vaccines to be made in under 100 days without eggs or any external factors!


Holding time: 2 years till 2023/Jan

Position size: 30-50% of account.





Until next week or the week after... Zyne Letters.