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Zyne (ZYNE)


Change: ▲ 0.73 (5.43%)

As of Tue 11/21/2017 05:00 PM

% Of Value : -462.67
Growth : 0
Value Per Share : -3.0000

Fundamentals Data

Open 13.09 Dividend 9
Close Price 14.17 DivYield 0%
High 14.19 Growth 0
Low 13.23 Growth% 0%
P/e 0 Volume 5,674,144
P/b -2.45 Market Capital 127,687,894
Highest High 25.19 Lowest Low 6.23
50 Days Moving Average 8.40 200 Days Moving Average 17.58
50 Days Moving Average Percentage 0.65%

Balance Sheet Table: last 5 years

Type Year1 Year2 Year3 Year4 Current Year TIM
ROE% -79.30-67.51-67.51
Revenue- 11---
Operating Cash Flow- --4-10-20-20
Cap Spending- -----
Free Cash Flow- --4-10-21-21
Free Cash Flow Per Share
Shares- --499
Total cash- 094231
Total liabilities- 62047

Reports for zyne

3260368 DateTime Title Author Report Action
zyne/optimum_place_for_fun_is_near_hell_ 2016-02-22 optimum place for fun is near hell. analyst

The optimum area for fun is is not too extreme and 2 levels below neutral. If we were to ...

zyne/Freedom_requires_training_and_structure 2016-02-24 Freedom requires training and structure analyst

To give freedom to a creature, girlfriend or country is the highest happiness given. Happiness al...

zyne/value_should_not_move 2016-02-25 value should not move analyst


Things of value should be at a stationary position for optimal effect.

zyne/act_first_think_last 2016-02-27 act first think last analyst

Anything that requires you to initially think hard has flaws. simple flow thinking works.

zyne/stressful_value 2016-03-12 stressful value analyst

The higher the stress, the more valuable the object becomes.



zyne/society_and_perfection 2016-04-12 society and perfection analyst

Society can not provide perfection but it can provide balance.

Utopia is a dream becaus...

zyne/entry_type__calm_or_heated 2016-03-15 entry type: calm or heated analyst

There are two types of high level entry  calm or heated.

  • usage of heated e...
zyne/luck_on_top_of_skill 2016-03-14 luck on top of skill analyst

Skill  is a fast paced management of value.

Luck exists when you are in possession...

zyne/difference_between_business_and_relations 2016-03-24 difference between business and relations analyst

Business is perfection.

Relations are flaws..

The intrisnic value for a succe...

zyne/pressure 2016-04-05 pressure analyst

pressure/ lack of hope / spring board

pressure/ value

lack of hope - reversal...

zyne/guarantee_and_leverage 2016-04-06 guarantee and leverage analyst

100% guarantee is required for extra leverage.

If the guarantee is not available, the r...

zyne/relations_with_inanimate_objects 2016-04-06 relations with inanimate objects analyst

"It" has always been attractive to the every man.

Only "It" can be ...

ZYNE/howto__risk_free_position_sizing 2016-05-05 howto: risk free position sizing analyst

Position sizing  is important in long term invetsment,  It should be large enou...

zyne/god__country__team___self 2016-05-10 god, country, team , self analyst

The order preference of respect:

1) God  -  Any god of your choosing, No...

zyne/P_E_range_and_time_for_doubling_capital 2016-11-07 P/E range and time for doubling capital stock

With Re-invested income  (income is reinvested into capital)
Pre-requiste: income or ...

zyne/time_to_double_capital_with_dividends_starting_from_4_ 2016-11-07 time to double capital with dividends starting from 4% stock


Dividend is reinvested into capital
Dividend is constant


zyne/58_com____china____s_online_craigslist__with_online_real_estate_subsidiary_anjuke 2016-11-17 , china's online craigslist, with online real estate subsidiary anjuke stanko Inc ADR repr Class A  WUBA
Summary (from latest annual report and quarterly re...

zyne/Zyne_Issue_1____A_I__robots_coming_to_attack_us__ 2017-05-17 Zyne Issue 1: A.I. robots coming to attack us!! stock
    '          ,||||||` \||| |||  ||    |||  |||||||                          ge    $$...
zyne/Zyne_Issue_2__Brazil_market_drops_while_Jack__turns_into_a_master_day_trader_ 2017-05-26 Zyne Issue 2: Brazil market drops while Jack turns into a master day trader! stock
    '          ,||||||` \||| |||  ||    |||  |||||||                          age    $$$
zyne/ZYNE_Issue_3____Top_500_companies_revenue_analysis____revenue_is_mind_anchor_ 2017-06-02 ZYNE Issue 3 - Top 500 companies revenue analysis , revenue is mind anchor! stock

    '          ,||||||` \||| |||  ||    |||  |||||||                          age    ...
Zyne/_ZYNE_Issue_4____Cannabis___should_it_be_legalized_or_not__ENTRY 2017-06-08 ZYNE Issue 4 - Cannabis , should it be legalized or not? ENTRY jack


    '        ...

zyne/ZYNE_Issue_5_____the_inflection_point_of_trading_profitable__don____t_fear_bots 2017-06-29 ZYNE Issue 5 - the inflection point of trading profitable, don't fear bots jack




    '   &nbs...

zyne/ZYNE_Issue_6_____IoT_Internet_of_things_a_budding_industry 2017-07-06 ZYNE Issue 6 - IoT Internet of things a budding industry jack




    '   &nbs...

zyne/ZYNE_Issue_7_____La_chapelle_a_budding_fast_fashion_company__the_result_of_cheap_power 2017-10-23 ZYNE Issue 7 - La chapelle a budding fast fashion company, the result of cheap power jack
    '          ,||||||` \||| |||  ||    |||  |||||||                   ...
zyne/_ZYNE_Issue_8_____Position_sizing_to_success___close_to_the_top___ZYNE_ENTRY 2017-11-16 ZYNE Issue 8 - Position sizing to success , close to the top? ZYNE ENTRY jack



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