Reports by author : jack

Code Date Title
zyne 2020-10-21 Products- Zyne Finance Chat (Android)
zyne 2019-11-27 25c - the optimal room temperature for a babies room
zyne 2019-11-18 Products - Group SMS alerts
zyne 2019-11-18 Products - Database
zyne 2019-10-18 Unchanged Risk Profile
zyne 2019-10-16 zyne Model Income Cycle
zyne 2019-10-10 U pattern stock buying strategy
Zyne 2018-11-02 Pricing
zyne 2018-06-04 Vaio is back and its laptops are heading to Asia
zyne 2018-05-03 Can mid-high luxury be combined with low cost of living in a first world country?
zyne 2018-02-26 ZYNE Issue 12 - Young and money, BTC value is about...
zyne 2018-02-12 ZYNE Issue 11 - The luck of the draw and its exponential gains
zyne 2018-01-23 ZYNE Issue 10 -  Tesla Supercharger network growing at 100% per year
zyne 2017-12-18 ZYNE Issue 9 - Enigma gives you multipleX's, truth is where power grows
zyne 2017-11-16 ZYNE Issue 8 - Position sizing to success , close to the top? ZYNE ENTRY
zyne 2017-10-23 ZYNE Issue 7 - La chapelle a budding fast fashion company, the result of cheap power
zyne 2017-07-06 ZYNE Issue 6 - IoT Internet of things a budding industry
zyne 2017-06-29 ZYNE Issue 5 - the inflection point of trading profitable, don't fear bots
Zyne 2017-06-08 ZYNE Issue 4 - Cannabis , should it be legalized or not? ENTRY
zyne 2017-06-02 ZYNE Issue 3 - Top 500 companies revenue analysis , revenue is mind anchor!
zyne 2017-05-26 Zyne Issue 2: Brazil market drops while Jack turns into a master day trader!
zyne 2017-05-17 Zyne Issue 1: A.I. robots coming to attack us!!