Reports by category : investing education

Code Date Title
ADT 2021-03-10 ADT equity, debt and subsidiaries
INTC 2021-02-02 Intel equity, debt and subsidiaries
VG 2021-02-02 Vonage Holdings Corp equity, debt and subsidiaries
OZ/USD 2020-10-20 Gold price analysis: could the price reach $8000
Temasek Holdings 2020-05-31 Temasek Holdings
BRK.B 2020-05-06 15 interesting investments of Berkshire Hathaway
BRK.B 2020-05-06 Berkshire Hathaway
zyne 2019-11-10 Technical and fundamental analysis
JC 2019-10-28 Japanese Candlestick Patterns
CP 2019-10-28 Chart Patterns
zyne 2019-10-18 Unchanged Risk Profile
zyne 2019-10-16 zyne Model Income Cycle
zyne 2019-10-10 U pattern stock buying strategy
zyne 2019-04-20 Pinnacle of Financial Management
zyne 2019-03-31 Capital Freedom
zyne 2019-03-01 Interest Rates
zyne 2019-02-14 Leverage
zyne 2019-01-30 Portfolio Management
zyne 2019-01-24 Timing
zyne 2019-01-23 Drawdown
zyne 2019-01-23 Correct usage of Leverage in Advanced Portfolio Management
zyne 2018-12-24 Logical thinking vs Emotional thinking
zyne 2018-12-19 Learn or Produce
zyne 2018-12-12 Calls and Puts - Its usage in investing
zyne 2018-11-14 Trial and Error
zyne 2018-11-09 Risk Units as a method to contain Risk
zyne 2018-11-01 Position Sizing for Long term & Short term Investments on equity markets
Chinese ADR's 2018-10-29 Chinese ADR's (market cap from low to high)
zyne 2018-10-05 Difference between Investing in fundamentally bad company vs good company
TSLA 2018-09-29 Tesla Supercharger
zyne 2018-09-20 Position Sizing
zyne 2018-08-30 Strategy - Standard
zyne 2018-08-28 Strategy - Retirement
zyne 2018-08-28 Strategy - YOLO
zyne 2018-08-17 Free Cash Flow