groupon equity, debt and subsidiaries

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Groupon Inc



While a list of all Groupon subsidiaries can be found below, no publicly disclosed financials provide the amount of equity the parent company holds in each entity. 


US Subsidiary

% Stake

Equity (USD)

Needish, Inc.



GI International Holdings, Inc.



Ideeli, Inc.



Groupon Trailblazer, Inc.





Foreign Subsidiary


% Stake

Equity (USD)

Groupon Holdings, BV




Groupon Europe, GMBH





On Friday, February 19, 2016 it was announced that Alibaba Group Holding Ltd bought 33 million shares of GRPN @ around $3USD per share  ($100 million total) – equivalent to 5.6% of the company (total company public price at purchase: 1,752,000,000$ USD ). With a new CEO and a new business model, Groupon published a growth in earnings in Q42015.


Long Term Debt: None

Short Term Debt: $776,211,000 USD

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