apollo equity,debt, and subsidiaries report

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Apollo Education Group Inc

Summary (from latest annual report – 2015)

  • Total equity  : 1.14 billion USD
  • Market Cap is 899.8 million USD ( last price of the stock is 8,30 USD)
  • Apollo Education Group Inc is a private education service provider. It offers undergraduate, graduate, professional development & other non-degree educational programs and services
  • Equity of total company decreased from 1.18 billion USD in 2014 to 1.14 billion in 2015
  • Company has 504 million USD in cash on account (from latest annual report  2015 year)
  • Total equity – cash on account = 1.14 billion usd – 504 million usd = 600 million usd
  • In 2015 company has 32 million usd long-term debt and 14 million usd short – term debt  (In 2013 company had 48 million usd long-term debt and 610 million usd short-term debt  )
  • Apollo balance sheet has become a little weaker  in 2015 (In latest annual report - total equity decreased to 1.14 billion  USD from 1.18 in 2013, total debt decreased to  46 million usd in 2015)
  • Company's revenue decreased in 2015 to 2.5 billion usd from 3.02 billion in 2014
  • Net income decreased in 2015 to 30 million USD from 209 million usd in 2014


Opinion about the company

Fundamentally it is a very good and in the future we can expect its growth  (total debt is small -only 46 million usd, big amount of cash on company's account, ROE is around 4 %).



Apollo Education Group, Inc. is one of the world’s largest private education providers and has been in the education business since 1973. Apollo subsidiaries are: Apollo Global, College for Financial Planning, Institute for Professional Development, University of Phoenix, and Western International University

  1. Apollo Global is subsidiary of Apollo Education Group. Its education network includes BPP University in the United Kingdom, Open Colleges Australia , Universidad Latinoamericana in Mexico, Universidad de Artes, Ciencias y Comunicación in Chile and Bridge School of Management in India. The Apollo Group  owns 80.1% of this company worth 801 million usd
  2. College for Financial Planning (CFFP)  established in 1972, reports more than 120,000 graduates in a variety of financial planning disciplines, CFFP is worth 100 million usd
  3. Institute for Professional Development (IPD) , the institute is Dr. Sperling’s first endeavor for working learners, teachers and police officers who worked with at-risk children, IPD is worth 100 million usd
  4. University of Phoenix (UOPX) leverages innovations such as online libraries and eBooks for use in higher education, UOPX is worth 700 million usd
  5. Western International University (West)  is a private higher education institution aimed at preparing working students from around the world for leadership positions in the dynamic, global marketplace. Its curriculum combines each area of study with economics and communication, West is worth 40 million usd



Total = 1.74 billion USD ( 1+2+3+4+5)


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