steady 10% growth travel corp with a variety of sub-websites

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TripAdvisor Inc  TRIP

Summary (from latest annual report and quarterly report 2016)

  • Total equity: 1.58 billion USD
  • Market Cap is 6.9 billion USD ( last price of the stock is 47.37 USD)
  • TripAdvisor Inc is an online travel company that provides access to the reviews and opinions of the millions of travelers users to plan and book the trip
  • Equity of total company increased from 1.12 billion USD in 2014 to 1.58 billion in 2016
  • Company has 611 million USD in cash on account (from latest quarterly report)
  • Total equity – cash on account = 1.58 billion USD – 611 million USD = 969 million USD
  • Company has 113 million USD treasury stock
  • In 2016 long-term debt is 20 million USD, short – term debt is 76 million USD (In 2014 total debt was 338 million USD)
  • In 2016 quarterly report - total equity increased to 1.58 billion  USD from 1.12 billion USD in 2014, total debt is 96 million USD in 2016)
  • Company's revenue increased in 2015 to 1.49 billion USD from 1.24 billion in 2014
  • Net income in 2015 was 198 million USD, Net income in 2014 was 226 million USD

TripAdvisor Inc  TRIP

TripAdvisor, Inc. is an American travel website company providing reviews of travel-related content. It also includes interactive travel forums. TripAdvisor was an early adopter of user-generated content. The website services are free to users, who provide most of the content, and the website is supported by an advertising business model. TripAdvisor, headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, claims to be the largest travel site in the world, with more than 60 million members and over 170 million reviews and opinions of hotels, restaurants, attractions and other travel-related businesses.

TripAdvisor Media Group operates 25 travel brands including TripAdvisor, Airfarewatchdog, BookingBuddy, Cruise Critic, Family Vacation Critic, FlipKey, GateGuru, Holiday Lettings, Holiday Watchdog, Independent Traveler, Jetsetter, lafourchette, Niumba, OneTime, SeatGuru, SmarterTravel, Tingo, Travel Library, TravelPod, Viator, and VirtualTourist. TripAdvisor operates websites internationally, in such places as Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands,Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, the U.K., and the U.S.

In 2004, the company was purchased by IAC/InterActiveCorp, in August 2005, IAC spun off its travel group of businesses under the Expedia, Inc. Name. In April 2011, it was announced that Expedia would split into two publicly traded companies by spinning off the TripAdvisor brand of travel sites. According to Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, the move "allows the two businesses to be pure plays and to operate with the proper amount of focus to grow respectively." In December 2011, TripAdvisor was spun off from Expedia in a public offering.


Business highlights for fiscal 2015 (from 2015 annual report) :

  • TripAdvisor reached 320 million review and opinions on 6.2 million places to stay, places to  eat and  things to do
  • TripAdvisor websites globally reached 350 million average monthly unique visitors  during the year
  • Mobile traffic grew to more than 53% of their unique users via tablet and smartphone
  • TripAdvisor largest source of revenue is click based advertising,  which includes links  to their partners’ booking sites and contextually relevant branded and unbranded text links
  • For the years ended December 31, 2015, 2014 and 2013 they earned $377 million, or 25%, $236 million, or 19%, and $130 million, or 14%, respectively, in revenue from subscription-based, transaction-based and other revenue


TRIP standalone subsidiaries and acquisitions :

  • In May 2015, TripAdvisor acquired Australian startup Dimmi for 25 million USD
  • In 2015 TripAdvisor acquired IENS Independent Index for 11 million USD
  • In July 2014, TripAdvisor announced its acquisition of Viator for approximately 200 million USD
  • In July 2014, TripAdvisor announced its acquisition of La Fourchette ( for 140 million USD
  • In last several years TripAdvisor had more than 20 small acquisitions worth 200 million USD (Couverts, Citymaps, HouseTrip, zetrip,Tripbod,, GateGuru, Niumba, Jetsetter, Tiny Post, Wanderfly, Where I've Been, EveryTrail, Holiday Lettings, FlipKey,, Holiday Watchdog, The Independent Traveler, TravelPod, SmarterTravel, SeatMe, Bookingbuddy, BestTables, Vacation Home Rentals)



Total =  576 million usd


Opinion about the company

Fundamentally it is a good company and in the future we can expect its growth (Total debt is 96 million USD, company has 611 million USD in cash on account, ROE is around 8 %).



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