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Shanghai Electric is a Chinese multinational power generation and electrical equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Shanghai. Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd, as one of the largest equipment manufacturing conglomerates in China, possesses key advantages in the comprehensive provision of modern equipment, complete equipment sets, and engineering works contracting. Since the 1990s, Shanghai Electric's sales revenues have ranked top 3 in the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry.

Major Business Segments are :

  • New Energy and Environmental Protection Equipment ( represents 15% of total revenue),
  • High Efficiency and Clean Energy Equipment (represents 35% of total revenue),
  • Industrial Equipment ( represents 30% of total revenue)
  • Modern Services (represents 20% of total revenue)

New Energy and Environmental Protection Equipment - Shanghai Electric remains devoted to exploring & developing new and renewable energy for human being, including nuclear power and wind power. Shanghai Electric possesses 2nd and 3rd generation nuclear power production technology, a large production capacity, and a complete and integrated supply chain for nuclear power equipment. The products and services from this segment include: Nuclear Island Equipment, Large Forging Components, Wind Turbines, Nuclear Conventional Islands, Water Treatment, Solid Waste Disposal, Distributed Energy Resource and Sludge Treatment.

High Efficiency and Clean Energy Equipment - Shanghai Electric provides thermal power generation solutions, produces power transmission & distribution equipment, and undertakes EPC/BTG projects. Shanghai Electric produces the largest quantities of large capacity ultra-supercritical thermal power generators, and holds the world record in regard to the lowest level of coal consumption. In regard to gas-fired power generators, Shanghai Electric possesses a high-level manufacturing capability for gas turbines, fuel turbines, and IGCC primary equipment. In recent years, Shanghai Electric has been involved in R&D for solar thermal power generation and smart grids areas. The products and services from this segment include: Coal - Fired Power Generation, Gas - Fired Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Equipment, Desulfurization&Denitration&Dust Removal, Solar Energy and Overall Smart Grid. Shanghai Electric produced China’s first 6,000 kilowatt thermal power generator, the first 300,000 kilowatt nuclear power generator, and the world's first dual water cooled generator. This company is the only domestic group that has received orders for E class gas turbines, F class gas turbines, and IGCC gas turbines.

Industrial Equipment - This segment comprises elevators, machine tools, ship use crankshafts, printing & packaging equipment, medium & large-sized electric motors, and seawater desalination equipment production. Shanghai Electric has vigorously developed energy-saving industrial equipment such as motors, printing & packaging machinery and elevators and through international cooperation, manages the energy output of power plants and buildings, greatly preserving energy and reducing emissions.

Modern Services - With power generation and transmission & distribution projects, Shanghai Electric has maintained its advantages in the equipment service industry. Shanghai Electric was one of the first batches of modern service enterprises within the Chinese mechanical industry and has made notable progress in power plant projects, power transmission & distribution projects, insurance, rentals, and international trade. The products and services from this segment include: Power Plant Engineering Projects, Power Plant Services, Power T&D Engineering Projects, Finance Company, International Trade, Elevator-Transfor mation, Insurance Brokers and Finance Leasing.

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