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Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Co is engaged in automobile manufacturing business. It produces cars and trucks. Its business is divided into two segments: Automotive and Financial Services.

Most of the Company’s vehicles sold to dealers and distributors are financed at wholesale by Ford Credit. Upon Ford Credit originating the wholesale receivable related to a dealer’s purchase of a vehicle, Ford Credit pays cash to the relevant legal entity in Ford Automotive sector in payment of the dealer’s obligation for the purchase price of the vehicle. The dealer then pays the wholesale finance receivable to Ford Credit when it sells the vehicle to a retail customer.


Common Stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States, and on certain stock exchanges in Belgium and France.


In March 2015, we the Company announced a modest anti-dilutive share repurchase program to offset the dilutive effect of sharebased compensation granted in 2015. The plan authorized repurchases of up to 8.5 million shares of our Common Stock. The program was completed in July 2015.



Summary at end of December (from latest annual report 2015)


Market Capital: $53,747,209,473 (last share price is $13.64. Numbers of shares outstanding as of February 4, 2016 was 3,898,661,179 shares of Common Stock and 70,852,076 shares of Class B Stock).

Total stockholders’ equity $28,657,000,000 up by $4,192,000,000 or 17% (2014: $24,465,000,000) thanks to net income $7,371,000,000, which was partially offset by cash dividends by $2,386,000,000.

Current liabilities $13,902,000,000 or 6.2% out of total liabilities and equity is up by $263,000,000 or 2% (2014: $13,639,000,000).

  • Long-term debt $118,952,000,000 or 52.9% out of total liabilities and equity is up by $13,420,000,000 or 13% (2014: $105,532,000,000).
  • As for 118.952 billion in long term, 107.892 billion of them is debt of Financial Services sector (most likely leases to car holders)
  • $11,000,000,000 USD is for the Ford company manfacturing and production.


Cash and cash equivalents $14,272,000,000 up by $3,515,000,000 or 33% (2014: $10,757,000,000) thanks to proceeds from issuance of other debt by $8,817,000,000 and net changes in short-term debt by $5,516,000,000, which was partially offset by higher investing activities by $5,038,000,000 and principal payments on other debt by $4,499,000,000. In addition, operating activities have impact on cash increase by $1,663,000,000.

Net sales $149,558,000,000 up by $5,481,000,000 or 4% (2014: $144,077,000,000) primarily thanks to:

* The North America, which automotive revenue increased by $9,500,000,000 (the North America industry volume improved compared with a year ago; the U.S. industry volume totaled 17.8 million units, up 1 million units. U.S.retail share increased one-tenth of a percentage point to 13.0% driven by strong demand for newest products, including F-150 and Mustang. The Company achieved highest annual sales in the United States since 2005. Ford remained the best-selling vehicle brand in the United States and Ford F-Series was the best-selling vehicle in the United States for the 34th straight year).

Such high increase from The North America was partially offset by decrease from:

* South America, which revenue decreased by $3,000,000,000 reflecting the continued deterioration of the business environment in South America (The South America industry volume, at 4.2 million units, was down 1.1 million units. Most of this was in Brazil).

* Europe by $1,300,000,000, which was impacted adversely by the strong U.S. dollar. In 2015, Ford became Europe’s best-selling commercial vehicle brand, reflecting the strength of renewed Transit line-up and Ranger as well as dedicated dealer network support.

Net income $7,371,000,000 up by $6,141,000,000 or 6 times more (2014: $1,230,000,000). Primarily thanks to decrease of special expenses by $5,511,000,000 (primarily less pension and OPEB costs by

$3,425,000,000), increase income from business segments by $3,507,000,000 (primarily in North America by $1,902,000,000). The negative impact on net income was income taxes, which were higher by $2,877,000,000 than in 2014.


Automotive Sector

Changan Ford Automobile Corporation, Limited 50.0% $1,307

Jiangling Motors Corporation, Limited 32.0% $636

AutoAlliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 50.0% $429

Ford Otomotiv Sanayi Anonim Sirketi 41.0% $352

Getrag Ford Transmissions GmbH 50.0% $182

Changan Ford Mazda Engine Company, Ltd. 25.0% $77

OEConnection LLC 50.0% $36

DealerDirect LLC 97.7% $30

Percepta, LLC 45.0% $9

Thirdware Solutions Limited 20.0% $9

Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corporation 49.9% $8

U.S. Council for Automotive Research LLC 33.3% $5

Chongqing ANTE Trading Co., Ltd. 10.0% $4

Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership LLC 50.0% $4

Blue Diamond Parts, LLC 25.0% $3

Total Automotive sector $3,091


Financial Services Sector

Forso Nordic AB 50.0% $66

FFS Finance South Africa (Pty) Limited 50.0% $48

RouteOne LLC 30.0% $15

CNF-Administradora de Consorcio Nacional Ltda. 33.3% $4

Total Financial Services sector $133

Total Company $ 3,224




Ford Auto Securitization Trust Canada

Ford Component Sales, L.L.C. Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Espana S.L. Spain

Ford Italia S.p.A. Italy

Groupe FMC France SAS France

FMC Automobiles SAS France

Ford European Holdings LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Deutschland Holding GmbH Germany

Ford-Werke GmbH Germany

Ford Global Technologies, LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford VHC AB Sweden

Ford Argentina S.C.A. Argentina

Ford Asia Pacific Automotive Holdings Ltd. Mauritius

Ford Motor Company Brasil Ltda. Brazil

Ford Holdings LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Motor Credit Company LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

CAB East Holdings, LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

CAB East LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

CAB West Holdings, LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

CAB West LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Automotive Finance (China) Limited China

Ford Credit Auto Receivables Six LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Credit Auto Owner Trust 2014-REV2 Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Credit Auto Owner Trust 2015-REV1 Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Credit CP Auto Receivables LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Credit Floorplan, LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Credit Floorplan Master Owner Trust A Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Credit International, Inc. Delaware, U.S.A.

FCSH GmbH Switzerland

FCE Bank plc England

Ford Credit Canada Limited Canada

Ford CTCC Company Canada

Canadian Road Holdings Company Canada

Canadian Road Leasing Company Canada

Ford India Private Limited India

Ford International Capital LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

Blue Oval Holdings England

Ford Motor Company Limited England

Ford Retail Group Limited England

Ford International Services LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Lease Trust Canada

Ford Mexico Holdings, Inc. Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford Motor Company, S.A. de C.V. Mexico

Ford Motor (China) Ltd. China

Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited Australia

Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited Canada

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (Pty) Limited South Africa

Ford Motor Service Company Michigan, U.S.A.

Ford Russia Holdings B.V. The Netherlands

Ford Sollers Netherlands B.V. The Netherlands

Ford Sollers Holding, LLC Russia

Ford Trading Company, LLC Delaware, U.S.A.

Global Investments 1 Inc. Delaware, U.S.A.

Ford VH Limited England


Opinion about the company

Fundamentally, it is good company, which is oriented on long-term perspectives. Constant market share over last three years proves good company’s competiveness. However, the Company results are heavily impacted by external economic factors, including the pace of economic growth and factors such as the availability of consumer credit and cost of fuel.

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